Bits & Pieces: Looking Back at 2015

It's pretty fun to look back at a year of blog posts.   I used to be super faithful at posting on my family blog, but now I'm like two years behind and I haven't made a photo book (that my kids love) in three years.  However, at least I have a record of our menus each week.  And I usually share a little tidbit of what we have going on.  So, I guess it's kind of family journaling, right?  

Anyway...I thought it would be fun to do a little recap of some of the highlights of this year and the blog posts that went with it.  

This year was definitely different than other years for me.  I was even busier than I ever have been (some of which came from having my kids being a year older, having a bigger house, huge yard and amazingly productive garden).  I posted very few recipes, but have a bunch that I need to get ready to post because I want to share them with you.  I posted menus almost every week.  I posted lots more often on Instagram than I did on facebook or here on the blog.  So much easier to post a quick picture.  I try to keep my Instagram feed a good mix of real life family pictures, menu boards snapshots, yummy food I'm about to eat and whatever else I feel like sharing.  I will always love Instagram, I think.

Do you love Instagram too?  We should be friends.  ;) 

Here's a quick list of happenings and blog posts last year (2015):  

Posted 37 weekly menus.  From Week #307 to #344.
Moved to Washington and posted 15 Things About Living in a New State
Bought and moved into a new house.
Celebrated Dr. Suess's Birthday, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Pi(e) DayHalloween
Became a FitBit fan.
Peek into my real-life kitchen on a Weds (keeping it real).
I have a basketball hoop in my living room.
Made an whatisonyourmenu instagram account.
Celebrated Mother's Day, got a new church job, and found out I have high cholesterol.
Finished up a school year.
Read a book.  And read a few more.
The good and bad of healthy eating.
Shared my favorite healthy and lower cholesterol recipes.
Went to the doctor for a 6 month cholesterol check.
Taught my daughter how to make our favorite fluffy whole wheat bread.
Posted many, many pictures of our garden veggies on Instagram.
Shared 9 of my favorite things.
New Mexico House Exterior Renovation Before and After (my fav)
Upgraded my website domain.
Made an whatisonyourmenu Pinterest page.
Posted three new recipes: Sweet Potato and Quinoa SaladCranberry Delight Trail Mix, Pumpkin Pie Bars

I'm hoping to post more often in 2016, organize my recipes better, and learn some more coding to make my website even better.  Thanks to you all for checking in with me here.  I love blogging and love having a record of my family's life, even if it's mostly what we ate for dinner.  

Happy New Year!

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