Bits & Pieces 14th Edition: 15 Things About Living in a New State

1.  We've been in Washington for four days now.

2.  Thank goodness for Google Maps on my phone.

3. I should have enjoyed the snow we got this weekend, because it's a rarity. (I'm assuming this used to be a snowman.)

4.  It snowed on Sunday and Sunday evening it WARMED up to 50 and the Chinook winds made the snow disappear.  Different weather for sure!

5.  Most people I meet assume that we think the weather here is really cold because we're from New Mexico.  Not true.

6.  I need to apologize to the people that live in the apartment below us for the jumping and thumping from my kids.  Apartment living is new to them.  Luckily it will only last for a couple of weeks.

7.  The glass dining table in our apartment has to be cleaned on the top and underneath after every meal with my boys.

8.  The ice cream I bought has the same name as a bank.

9.  My kids will learn that Tillamook = good!  They're loving the yogurt.

10.  Costco closes at 6 on Saturday.  I showed up at 6:03.  I'm a Costco Newbie!  No Sam's Club here.

11.  I went to Target twice in one day the other day.  It's strange to have so much shopping so close after living in a tiny town for eight years.

12.  The kids survived, and might have even enjoyed, their first day in their new school.

13.  I'm not sure if I'll miss all-day kindergarten.  I know my two year old loves having a brother to play with in the afternoons now.

14.  A little "Are you new here?  Welcome!"  goes a long way!  I'm so glad for friendly people!

15.  Menu planning is tricky this week since I have a kitchen, but don't have spices and baking stuff.  My menu plan might have to wait a few days for this week.



  1. Glad you seem to be adjusting well. My brother-in-law said he met Dave on Sunday and that your new house is just down the street from them. They are great! I'm totally jealous of your shopping opportunities. I'm sure you'll be loving it there, as much as we miss you here.

  2. NM misses you! I do too! Thankful you like to blog so I know how you all are doing! :) BTW, you are living my dream of going to Target twice in one day!

  3. :-/ Sorry about the Costco miss. Sounds like things are going well!

  4. Costco has super weird hours! It drives me crazy that it doesn't open until 10. I am out in that part of town dropping kids off at school at 9, but I still have to make a special trip back over there after it opens! But I should be grateful we have one so close. And a walmart, target, kohls, famous footwear, michaels ... Okay I'm spoiled. :-)


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