The Best French Bread I've Ever Made

This is the best french bread I've ever made.  I got this recipe from my friend, Nikki, who gave us some of this bread as a thank you for my hubby helping them move a piano.  I remember it being delicious and we gobbled it up fast.  I was intimidated for some reason by the recipe and waited a few years before I made it.

We needed some bread for to make some turkey, provolone, avocado sandwiches, so I made some of this bread and it was perfect!  We sliced one loaf like they do at Subway.  Then later I made normal shaped sandwiches with the rest of the bread.  Delicious... light and fluffy and yummy!

Update 2/22/12: This is still my favorite bread after making it for a year! It turns out perfect every time and it's gone in a flash!

printable recipe

French Bread
recipe from my friend, Nikki

Yield: 2 loaves
  • 2 c. warm water
  • 1 pkg (or 1 heaping Tbsp.) yeast
  • 1/4 c. granulated sugar
  • 1 T. olive oil
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 4 - 5 c. flour

  1. Mix yeast, salt, sugar, oil and water in mixing bowl. Let sit about five minutes or so in a warm place until it gets foamy. Tip: run some warm water in the sink and puts the bowl in the sink. I tried this and it worked great.  
  2. Add about 4 cups flour gradually. Add more flour as you knead it until the dough can be poked and leave an indent without being too dry and stiff. (I use my kitchenaid to do the mixing.)
  3. Coat a bowl with oil and roll dough around in the bowl, so the surface is coated with oil. This keeps the dough from sticking as it rises. Put in a warm place (like the sink) and let rise for 30-45 minutes until double in size.        
  4. Shape the dough however you'd like. I make two small French loaves, by splitting the dough in half, rolling each out into rectangle (8"x11"), roll up into loaf shape and turn ends under.        
  5. Let sit for another 10 minutes. Brush top with melted butter. Slash 3 -4 times across the top with a sharp knife. Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes till golden brown.
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  1. Could this be made in a bread machine?

    1. Hi Mary, I've never made this bread in a bread machine, you could always try it and see what happens. :) I've used a bread machine to mix up bread dough before, but then I transfer it to a different bowl to rise and then bake as directed. Good luck! - Jenny

  2. I love this recipe too! thanks for sharing it :)

  3. Need a printable recipe. This print link wasted 5 sheets of paper and printed all ads. Just printable recipe please and thanks.

    1. Sorry about that print link. I need to change it. I just added a printable recipe. Thanks for the heads up. -Jenny

  4. Jenny, I made this yesterday (and again today) and it's a wonderful recipe! It was so fast to make. I also loved your tip about the warm water in the sink. I've never done it before and was impressed with how it worked! Thanks so much for the recipe!

  5. Hello! Excited to try this today! I was wondering what kind of flour you use? Is it bread flour or all-purpose? Thanks!!


    1. Hi Tara -- I use all purpose flour, but I'm sure bread flour would work just fine. - Jenny

  6. Yet another successful recipe! I've been on a baking spree using your bread recipes and this turned out divine! Thanks for the post :-)

  7. Oh this is just THE best bread recipe... EVER... I have tried all sorts of different recipes and I use this for EVERYTHING! I made santa shaped bread for friends and family this season using this recipe... and it was a HUGE hit! So simple and the taste...welp you just can not beat it. I really can not thank you enough for sharing!

  8. Great bread and super easy! I actually added 1 1/2 cups chopped green & black olives and brushed with butter and parmesan cheese to make a yummy dipping bread.

  9. Can I just add my 2 euros (!?)
    I think the photo looks nice, but as a Frenchwoman, I would say it looks a little pale (some like their crust to be quite soft, but in France, it would be quite a crunchy crust and a soft middle). To achieve it, you could (that's what I do and it works well) spray your oven when it's been preheated with water (from a spray bottle, or simply a few ice cubes thrown in a tray under the bread -it shouldn't touch the bread, or it could make it soggy).
    Also, for a real baguette/French stick, you could use a tray (this makes the bread very 'thin' and not spread sideways) or shape it in a very long sausage (think 'snake' for the girth -this will spread even if you think this will be too thin). Keep baking! :)

  10. I just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE this recipe! I make it multiple times a year, slice and freeze it. It's delicious and easy, and a nice addition to any meal in a pinch when I just pull some out of the freezer. :) Thank you for sharing it!

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