Week 425 Menu

Hi all, The summer is buzzing along!  I can't even keep up, so I'm just enjoying the crazy ride.  This week is a slower week at my house, since my 12 year old is at scout camp.  I've actually made dinner a few times, so I thought menu planning would be a good idea for the next week or so.  
This Week Monday:  I think we had leftovers...can't remember.
Tuesday:  we had grilled sweet and sour chicken (really good!)
Wednesday:  we had instant pot chicken noodle soup and one hour rolls (even though it was 100 degrees outside)
Thursday:  we are having taco soup made with peppers, onion and corn from our garden
Friday:  easy night
Saturday:  lasagna
Sunday:  french dip sandwiches
Next Week Monday:  grilled Hawaiian chicken, rice, garden veggies
Tuesday:  instant pot greek pork, garlic flatbread, tzatsiki sauce
Wednesday: breakfast burritos
Thursday:  teriyaki burgers, grilled corn salsa
Friday:  Swedish meatballs, steamed potatoes, IKEA gravy
Saturday:  easy night
Sunday:  …

Week 424 Menu: Back at it!

Hi all!  It's been months since I've posted a menu.  Life just got busy, I guess.  We still ate dinner and I kind of planned menus, but no blogging happened.  We are starting our second full week of summer break and I'm ready to get organized.
Last week was full of camping, mosquito bites, helping at cup scout day camp, a hospital visit to get stitches, etc.  My kids are excited to have a full week at home and actually get to hang out with their friends and go swimming too.
My garden is starting to spit out baby zucchini.  I'm so excited...the green beans, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes are getting close too.  We've been munching on snap peas and raspberries for a while...but I'm anxious for more garden veggies.
It's menu planning time...
Monday:  chicken pot pie, fruit, hot chocolate cookies  (taking dinner to a friend)
Tuesdaygrilled 7 up chicken, BLT pasta salad, corn on the cob
Wednesday:  lasagna, one hour breadsticks, green salad
Thursday:  tacos

Week 423 Menu

Hi all!  We are in recovery mode from having spring break last week.  We spent the whole week in Seattle, where my husband worked and the kids and I played (and tried to stay sane while together in our hotel room).  It was fun and we got to do some fun things, ate lots of food that I didn't have to cook, swam in the hotel pool as much as possible and enjoyed the break from our usual schedule.
I'm still trying to plow through the piles of laundry, plus my daughter had a birthday and I taught preschool this morning.  I sat down with my planner to plan out meals this week and when I got to Weds, Thursday and Friday, I thought "huh, that's going to be interesting".  Gotta love spring sports season (plus piano lessons, etc.).  
So, here's my plan:
Monday (yesterday):  I made instant pot BBQ pork sandwiches, on pretzel rolls with coleslaw and a very delicious Texas sheet cake
Tuesday:  taco salad
Wednesday:  grill steak with this marinade, cous cous/rice/quinoa

Week 422 Menu: It's been a while...

Hi all.  I've been slacking with menu planning lately, especially since spring sports multiplied by 3 kids has started, plus 3 different piano lesson schedules, plus preschool, plus church activities, etc has been happening full force.  Last week showed me that I HAVE to plan ahead or my family is going to be eating rotisserie chicken or cereal every night.  
So, before I get distracted, here's my menu for the week:
Monday:  grill burgers, chips and salsa, fruit
Tuesday: grilled BBQ chicken pizza
Wednesday:  chicken fajitas
Thursday:  honey garlic chickenorzo pilaf, green beans
Friday: lasagna, Macaroni Grill rosemary bread
Saturday:  breakfast for dinner
Sunday:  pulled pork (from freezer) sandwiches and coleslaw
What's on YOUR menu this week?  Feel free to share.  I love it when you do.  
Happy {Menu} Monday!
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Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

This chicken noodle soup is an Instant Pot win!  I've made it three times now (two batches in one day).  Each time has been delicious!  And each time I've made it I've simplified the process of making it.  
In the past I've struggled making the perfect chicken noodle soup.  I hadn't gotten the broth perfected, so I would usually thicken it and make it a bit more creamy, adding half and half to it.  I've made homemade noodles many times too.  This broth is perfect...flavorful, not too watery and not too thick.

This instant pot version is quick, easy, only dirties one pot, a knife and a cutting board and makes the perfect broth.  All of my kids, even the pickiest ones love it, which is a huge win for me!  We'll be making it many more times in the future.
The first time I made it I sauteed the chicken before pressure cooking everything together, like the recipe instructed.  It was fine, but the chicken had a weird texture.  So, I decided to use rotisserie chi…

Week 421 Menu

Hi there friends!  
This week has been a good one.  It's been full of yummy food and sunshine!  This January has been so mild compared to last year when we had tons of snow days.  We've had sunny days and have got to spend time outside at the park, even if it's a little chilly.  So nice!  The only downside is there are so many sicknesses going around.  Hopefully the flu season chills out a bit and goes away.  
Anyway...I'm loving menu planning from Friday to Friday.  It's a nice change from my usual Monday to Monday planning that I've done since I starting blogging in 2007.  
Without more blabbing onto my menu for the week.  (More about the yumminess on the above pictures on Instagram.)
Here's the plan for this week:
Friday:  sausage, potato, onion, peppers sheet pan dinner
Saturday:  roast chicken, instant pot steamed potatoes, gravy, etc.
Sunday:  omelets, hashbrowns, fruit
Monday:  grilled steaks with this marinade, roasted veggies, big green salad

Week 420 Menu: what we ate this week and my next menu plan

Hi everyone!  January is going great!  The kids are back in school and we're kind of back in a groove. Here are some highlights of my week:

1.  We survived our first week of having the 2:30 to 5:30 block schedule at church.  It was dark at around 4:00.  Kind of weird, but it was ok.  I've never gone to church that late in my life, but we have four wards (congregations) that share our building, so that's what we get to do.  #wecandohardthings

2.  I feel like I've finally recovered from my cold/flu and my lovely hernia surgery that I had done right before Christmas.  I'm tackling my house and "spring" cleaning.  How do we accumulate so much stuff?  I posted a little on instagram about one of the scariest parts of my house. 

3.  I went to the temple on Tuesday while my youngest was at preschool.  I posted a bit about it.  It's my favorite place to go when I feel frazzled, over-stimulated or stressed (which is very often as a mom of 4 kiddos). 

AND, Pres…