Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 377 Menu

Yummy crockpot salsa verde honey lime tacos, our cucumbers are super long, garden picking is still going on, fresh rolls made late at night because we were out of bread for the next day.)

Hi everyone!  Life is always busy, isn't it?  Just doesn't slow down.  We're super busy lately, but somehow I lucked out and our afternoon schedules aren't too crazy.  We have plenty going on, but not too much.  We've been trying to get into better habits, which is easier as the kids get older.  And we've been doing awesome at making time for family scripture study, which has been a challenge in the past.  Life is good.  Busy, but good.

I've been trying to waste less food lately.  I've been trying to do better at using up what I have in the fridge.  It's kind of a challenge with our garden veggies surplus, because sometimes I just don't feel likely sauteing zucchini one more time.  Ha!  I try to give away lots of our veggies, but also use up a lot of what we have, or stick it in the freezer to use later.  Having a garden is such a huge blessing and money saver!  

I went shopping at Costco AND Winco on Monday.  When I got home I organized our fridges and freezers (I feel totally excessive and spoiled because we have two of each, but with our garden veggies and beef from my dad's cows we keep them both filled year-round).  While I was organizing I kept thinking of meals that I could make with the food that we had.  I made up a list (which my three year old ripped later in the day, silly kid) and it made menu planning this week so much easier!

Most of the meals this week are easy to prep or make in advance so they're ready at dinnertime, so time after the kids get home can be spent doing homework (the kids) and teaching piano (me).

Monday:  we had beef and broccoli, quinoa and rice

Tuesday:  grilled pesto chicken, fettuccine alfredo, zucchini noodles (for me), green beans and watermelon

Thursday:  Swedish meatballs, steamed red potatoes (fresh from the garden), ikea gravy and lingonberry

Saturday:  fajitas

Sunday:  leftovers or family choice 

What about you?  What's on your menu this week?  Feel free to share.  I love it when you do!  Have a great week, friends!  

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 376 Menu: In the swing of things

Hi everyone!  We're starting our third week of school today.  Actually, it's our first full week of school, with 5 days in a row.  We're starting to get into the swing of things and into a good groove.  My littlest started preschool last week and is loving it.  It's good to have a little more structure in our days with just him and me at home.

I'm trying to get more things done early in the day, so I can make lego creations with this guy.  He thinks I'm pretty cool when I can make something out of our giant mess of legos.  It's a good test in patience for me to try to find all the pieces from lego sets that we bought years ago.

Anyway...this week we're full into our regular schedule of school, sports, church activities, teaching piano lessons, etc.  Have I told you how much I LOVE early morning piano lessons?  All three of my kids have their lessons before school and it is my favorite thing.  And I love middle school sports since it's right after school.  And I LOVE being able to carpool.  

And one more thing that I love...when I actually menu plan.  I have been not as regular at menu planning the last few months and my family has noticed.  Things go a lot better when I make and plan and shop for dinner every night, or at least 5 nights a week.  So, here's our plan for this week:

Monday:  crockpot taco soup

Wednesday:  leftovers

Thursday:  homemade pizza

Friday:  try grilled chipotle maple chicken, simple orzo pilaf, garden salad

Saturday:  Waikiki meatballs, rice/quinoa, stirfry veggies

Sunday:  crockpot Italian chicken alfredo with noodles, one hour breadsticks, veggies

How about you?  What you making for dinner this week?  Feel free to share.  I love it when you do!  Happy Monday!

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Week 375 Menu: 2nd Week of School

Hi there!  I'm happy to be back menu planning.  My family is happy that I am back at menu planning.  My husband was gone all of last week for work and half of the week before that.  I have a hard time making and planning a whiole week of menus when I know my kids don't really care that much about dinner.  I did make good dinners several times, but we also just winged it quite a few nights too.

Last week my kids went back to school.  Getting back into the swing of things happens so fast.  Now we're full into a busy schedule.  I'm trying my best to simplify our activites and be better prepared.  

I actually started writing this blog post on Monday, and now it's Thursday and I'm finishing it so I can go grocery shopping.  

So, here's what we had this week:

Monday:  Labor Day BBQ - I made this favorite dip and scotcharoos for dessert

Tuesday:  navajo tacos

Wednesday:  french dip flatbread wraps (not my best idea to use flatbread for a wrap since the meat kept falling out, I better stick with rolls or pitas)

Thursday:  bistro chicken, mashed garden potatoes, and garden green beans

Friday:  homemade pizza

Saturday:  fried sausage, potatoes, peppers and onions

Sunday:  taco soup (my VERY picky 7 year old requested it)

I'm off to start a post for next week's menu so I can grocery shop more efficiently!  What have you been eating this week?  Feel free to share.  I love it when you do.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Week 374 Menu: Yellowstone and Mount Rainier!!!

Hi there!  Wowzers, it has been a busy month!  Or actually busy two months.  Or maybe just a busy life...Anyway, the last few weeks have been super fun.  We've had lots of family come visit (which I love because I get to make and buy yummy food) and we get to pretend like we're on vacation along with our visitors. 

We went to Mount Rainier National Park a few weeks ago for the first time.  It was beautiful, even though it was raining and we didn't see Mount Rainier.  I can't wait to go back!

A few days later I drove with the kiddos to Island Park, ID (without my hubby who needed to work) to spend a few days with my sisters and parents and cute nieces and nephews. We missed my little brother and his wife. It was our first time vacationing together as adults. It was a super fun time floating the river and taking my kids to Yellowstone for their first time. We even saw a bear when we were leaving Island Park (it ran across the road right in front of us), so the kids were happy!
A few weeks ago we went hiking in Oregon in the Columbia River Gorge to Punchbowl Falls.  Beautiful!  I think I posted about this hike in my last menu post...

I've loved seeing all the amazing places around. I'm excited to get out and explore more!  We finally got to use our 4th grade "Every Kid in a Park" National Parks pass that expires this month since my son will be a 5th grader soon.  Such a cool program!  

As far as menu planning for this week, I just haven't done it.  Amazingly, I haven't gone to a grocery store either besides Costco, but I bought cereal and weird stuff like that.  We picked tons of corn, apples and peaches at a local farm/orchard on Tuesday.  It was my birthday this week.  We've had weird meals that didn't take much thought.  Let's see if I can remember what we ate.  My posts from Instagram help me remember, thank goodness!  

Monday:  we ate out (Costa Vida, my fav!)

Tuesday:  hot dogs, corn and watermelon (the watermelon was from our garden!!!)

Thursday:  leftovers or oatmeal

Friday:  spaghetti, fresh corn, garlic bread, fresh peaches

Saturday:  I guess it depends on whether or not I go grocery shopping.  Maybe I'll make these grilled pork chops.  

Sunday:  perfect pot roast, potatoes from our garden, maybe one hour rolls

All righty...we have one more week before school starts.  We've got to squeeze the last bit of fun out of our summer while it lasts.  Mixed feelings about that!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!  Feel free to share what you ate this week.  I love it when you do!  


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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Week 373 Menu: I love the PNW!

Hi everyone!  Happy Thursday again!  I guess I should just change my menu planning day to Thursday, since I seem to be posting on Thursdays instead of Mondays pretty consistently throughout the summer.  Ha!  

We have 26 more days until school starts.  I'm not looking forward to summer being over.  We had family come visit this last week and it was so fun to have them stay with us and be able to act like we're on vacation with them.  We spent lots of time at the river, at the pool, finding waterfalls, eating good food and just enjoying their company.  I love living in the Pacific Northwest.  There are so many amazing things to see, mostly two hours away from our home.  The above picture is taken from Punchbowl Falls in Oregon.

I'm excited that we get to have another round of family come tomorrow.  I really love having family come visit us!  I've got menus planned out and need to hit the store before they arrive.  I have a few extra menus planned for next week that I will shop for since it's nice to have options.  

All righty...here's our menu for this week, even though it's halfway over.

Monday;  we had honey garlic chicken, angel hair pasta, fresh whole wheat bread and garden veggies

Tuesday:  easy night

Wednesday:  grilled teriyaki salmon, quinoa and rice, garden salad

Thursday:  taco soup

Friday:  pulled pork sandwiches on toasted pretzel buns topped with coleslaw

Saturday: grilled Greek chicken, grilled veggies and rosemary/garlic grilled flatbread

Sunday:  roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, one hour rolls

What's on your menu for this weekend?  Or what did you eat this week?  When does your summer end (kids back in school)?  Feel free to share.  I love it when you do!

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