Week 429 Menu

Hi there!  It's definitely fall at my house, but we've been lucky and it hasn't frozen yet.  We're still picking raspberries and making freezer jam.  And I finally picked all my green tomatoes this weekend.  I hope the warmish weather stays as long as it can.  :)
Soccer season is over.  Yay!  We have our first free Monday evening in months and months.  I thought about making doughnuts for our family night treat.  My kids loves making them around Halloween and we haven't done it for a while.
Monday:  chicken and wild rice soup
Tuesday:  easy night
Wednesday:  taco soup before trick-or-treating
Thursday:  honey lime pork enchiladas (I have them all ready to go in the freezer. Yay!)
Friday:  beef stroganoff 
Saturday: easy night
Sunday:  crockpot chicken stew
What about you?  What's on your menu this week?  
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Week 428 Menu

I had this menu post all typed up last week and never pushed "publish" because I got distracted. So, better late than never. 
Hi friends!  Because of really nice friends and carpools, I've made dinner every day this week.  It's been amazing!  Cross country is mostly over for my kiddos.  This is the last week of soccer too.  And now we can just enjoy basketball.  
Funny daughter said exasperatedly the other night that everyone in our house only cares about sports.  I looked at her and said "Are you serious?"  Did she forget about me?  I don't play sports and never did growing up, except for one season of summer softball when I was 12.  But my boys on the other hand love sports, especially my oldest.  He's been dribbling basketballs since he could walk.  So, I support them.  :)
All righty friends.  Here's what our plan has been this week:
Monday:  Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes
Tuesday:  corn chowder, cornbread muffins
Wednesday: tu…

Week 427 Menu

Happy Monday!  
Just for fun, I'm sharing this picture from 2012 when life was way less busy, I blogged a lot and my kids were tiny and squishy.  Lately, I've been trying to remember what life was like back then, before I got a smart phone.  Back in the days before I could text or had social media.  Those were the days!   
My husband and I have been trying to spend less time on our phones.  We bought alarm clocks a few weeks ago and have been leaving our phones downstairs at night.  It's so nice!  No more checking email/text/instagram/facebook/news right before I go to sleep and as soon as I wake up.  It's refreshing and relaxing.
I'm also in the middle of a 10 day social media fast (a challenge from the latest talk by our prophet, Pres. Nelson).  I've realized that I don't really miss any of the people I follow just for fun (people I don't know in real life).  I have a handful of favorite blogs that I follow and I read their posts with on my blogreade…

Week 426 Menu

I'm trying to get back into blogging, instead of spending time on social media, both posting and browsing.  Life is super busy with all the kids in school and sports, etc.  I've got to do better at realistically menu planning. So this post will be short and sweet.
Menu time!
Monday:  crockpot taco soup
Tuesday:  broccoli cheese soup and one hour rolls
Wednesday: easy french dip, chips and salsa, veggies and fruit
Thursday: leftovers or easy night
Friday: breakfast burritos
Saturday:  grilled cedar planked teriyaki salmon, rice, veggies
Sunday:  crockpot roast, potatoes and carrots

Snacks:  healthy applesauce oat muffins, dark chocolate almond joy bites
What about you?  What's on your menu this week?
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Week 425 Menu

Hi all, The summer is buzzing along!  I can't even keep up, so I'm just enjoying the crazy ride.  This week is a slower week at my house, since my 12 year old is at scout camp.  I've actually made dinner a few times, so I thought menu planning would be a good idea for the next week or so.  
This Week Monday:  I think we had leftovers...can't remember.
Tuesday:  we had grilled sweet and sour chicken (really good!)
Wednesday:  we had instant pot chicken noodle soup and one hour rolls (even though it was 100 degrees outside)
Thursday:  we are having taco soup made with peppers, onion and corn from our garden
Friday:  easy night
Saturday:  lasagna
Sunday:  french dip sandwiches
Next Week Monday:  grilled Hawaiian chicken, rice, garden veggies
Tuesday:  instant pot greek pork, garlic flatbread, tzatsiki sauce
Wednesday: breakfast burritos
Thursday:  teriyaki burgers, grilled corn salsa
Friday:  Swedish meatballs, steamed potatoes, IKEA gravy
Saturday:  easy night
Sunday:  …

Week 424 Menu: Back at it!

Hi all!  It's been months since I've posted a menu.  Life just got busy, I guess.  We still ate dinner and I kind of planned menus, but no blogging happened.  We are starting our second full week of summer break and I'm ready to get organized.
Last week was full of camping, mosquito bites, helping at cup scout day camp, a hospital visit to get stitches, etc.  My kids are excited to have a full week at home and actually get to hang out with their friends and go swimming too.
My garden is starting to spit out baby zucchini.  I'm so excited...the green beans, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes are getting close too.  We've been munching on snap peas and raspberries for a while...but I'm anxious for more garden veggies.
It's menu planning time...
Monday:  chicken pot pie, fruit, hot chocolate cookies  (taking dinner to a friend)
Tuesdaygrilled 7 up chicken, BLT pasta salad, corn on the cob
Wednesday:  lasagna, one hour breadsticks, green salad
Thursday:  tacos

Week 423 Menu

Hi all!  We are in recovery mode from having spring break last week.  We spent the whole week in Seattle, where my husband worked and the kids and I played (and tried to stay sane while together in our hotel room).  It was fun and we got to do some fun things, ate lots of food that I didn't have to cook, swam in the hotel pool as much as possible and enjoyed the break from our usual schedule.
I'm still trying to plow through the piles of laundry, plus my daughter had a birthday and I taught preschool this morning.  I sat down with my planner to plan out meals this week and when I got to Weds, Thursday and Friday, I thought "huh, that's going to be interesting".  Gotta love spring sports season (plus piano lessons, etc.).  
So, here's my plan:
Monday (yesterday):  I made instant pot BBQ pork sandwiches, on pretzel rolls with coleslaw and a very delicious Texas sheet cake
Tuesday:  taco salad
Wednesday:  grill steak with this marinade, cous cous/rice/quinoa