Week 432 Menu: Short and Sweet

View from one of my early morning runs.  I love sunrises!  Except that the sun starts to rise at like 4:30 here.
Hi friends!  I've got to keep this short and sweet.  I have a few thoughts:

1. A bird was chirping at 4 am this morning and woke me up.
 My kids still have 14 more days of school.
2.  That's three more weeks before summer.
3.  I might need to stay off instagram so I'm not mad at my friends that are "in summer" now.
4.  Making dinner is a good thing.
5.  I love food.
6.  My family is happier when I make them food, especially if they're not already starving when I start making dinner.

Here's my plan for this next week:

Friday: tacos

Saturday:  easy night

Sunday: chicken/bacon/pineapple kabobs, rice

Monday:  bbq burgers and hot dogs

Tuesday:  pizza

Wednesday: meatballs, potatoes

Thursday:  breakfast burritos

All righty!  Menu made.  Now to hit the grocery store between piano lessons and everything else that's going on tonight.

I'd love to hear from you...what you're making for dinner.  Or if your kids are out of school now (I'll still be your friend if you are.)

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