Week 434 Menu: 11/19/19

My two "little" boys trying out the new ninja course near us.
Hi all!  

I was thinking today about how much easier life would be if I actually planned a menu and shopped for it.  We're in a super busy stage of life (with kids in elementary, middle and high school) and often dinner is my family members choice of oatmeal, scrambled eggs, multigrain cheerios or leftovers.  I have found that when I actually do make dinner and we all get a chance to sit at the table and eat together, everyone eats so much better.

A couple other things I wanted to share from my day today:

1.  It's a beautiful day today.  I'll take any sunny, non-foggy days during the winter we can get!

2.  I went to the temple today.  Can't wait to go back.  So nice to take time away from my normal distractions and focus on eternal things.  I can feel my loved ones that have passed on cheering me on in my life.  

3.  I found the most random book at my favorite used book store for my 10 year old.  They had book #2 that he wanted, and none of the other books in the series.  Made me happy to not have to go to the mall to buy it new.  

4.  My laundry is mostly washed and dried.  Now on to the folding and putting away.  

5.  Here's a quick menu for this week, then off to the grocery store, library, kid pickup, basketball game, dinner, church youth activity, homework, laundry, then bed.

Tuesday:  homemade pizza

Wednesday:  quick alfredo with penne and pan fried turkey sausage and broccoli

Saturday:  pot roast, potatoes and carrots

Sunday:  french dip sandwiches, baked sweet potato and regular potato fries

What are you planning this week for dinner?  Feel free to share.  I love it when you do.  Or share something that has gone great today!

Hugs!  Jenny

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