The Perfect Pot Roast

I have made a lot of pot roasts in my life.  I grew up cooking them for three hours in our Lodge Dutch Oven while we were at church.  After I got married (for the last ten years), I've been cooking them in my crockpot for varying amounts of time on varying temperatures.  The pot roasts sometimes would turn out tough, like it was cooked to death in my crockpot.

I decided to try the Pioneer Woman's method for making the perfect pot roast to see if it worked.  Guess what?  It did work!  I cooked it in my dutch oven at 275 degrees for four hours and it was divine!  I could cut it with a fork.  It shredded beautifully and was not tough at all. 

I don't think I'll go back to my crockpot cooking method.  Unless of course I get a new crockpot (I think mine is a lot hotter than it should be).

I'll leave you with my perfect bite of pot roast.  A little carrot, tender meat, and mashed potatoes.  Yum!