Week 313 Menu: and a peek in my kitchen

Hi guys!  Well, it's Thursday already, so that means it's time to post my menu right?  Ha!  I tried to plan it on Monday, but it didn't work out.  We had a couple different people over for dinner and I had a hard time planning what I wanted to make.

Plus, pretty much every day has been like this for me...gone all morning and then I spend forever cleaning up the kitchen and putting away groceries, breakfast, lunch etc.  I love clean counters and usually start off the day and end the day with them clean.  Ha!  

Just keeping it real.  This is my kitchen at 1 pm the other day.  Yep, breakfast stuff still out, cooler with groceries in it waiting to be put away, etc.  

Menu time.

Monday:  we had spaghetti (I had spaghetti squash and the family had noodles.  I love spaghetti squash now!)

Tuesday:  fed the missionaries - we had drip beef sandwiches from our best bites, quick salsa and chips, lots of fruit and veggies, and my daughter made some warm chocolate chip cookies (we sent the extra home with the missionaries)

Wednesday:  had our vegetarian friend over for dinner - had broccoli cheese soup, french bread, fruit and veggies, and angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries for dessert

Thursday:  breakfast burritos

Friday:  my kids get out early, so I'll let them pick.  Maybe that will cut down on the complaining.

Saturday:  pancakes

Sunday:  I'll let the family pick.  Complaining, again.  


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only whose kitchen looks like that! Sometimes I don't get it all picked up until the kids are in bed...which is sad because then it only stays clean for a few hours before we wake up and destroy it again :) Also, I love spaghetti squash too! How do you cook yours? I always roast it in the oven but I know people who do it in the microwave which I've always wanted to try.

    Here's what we had this week:
    Mon: Ground beef and bean skillet, fried potatoes, green beans
    Tues: Cowboy Casserole, green salad
    Wed: Asian chicken and rice bake, salad
    Thurs: Sweet potato and black bean burritos, gaucamole
    Fri: Cod, zucchini rice
    Sat: Easy night
    Sun: Baked linguini, asparagus, triple chocolate bundt cake (we never did our traditional Valentine's day dinner so I told the girls I would surprise them with it one night!)


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