A Peek into My House and Basketball Room

Hi guys!  I wanted to give you a peek into my living room today because I wanted to show your our most used "toy" in our home.
That's right.  We have a basketball hoop in our living room.  Or I guess it's not really a living room any more, because it's kind of like a gym.  
 Our house in New Mexico was much smaller than our new home in Washington, so we don't have living room furniture.  My son looked at the tall ceilings and decided that the basketball hoop should go into the living room (not in the awesome basement because the ceilings aren't as high).
We've had this basketball hoop in our living room for the last four years (above the doorway to the kitchen in our last house).

Anyway....I just noticed today on slickdeals.net that that this hoop is on sale on Amazon just today for half off.  Such a good deal!  $14.99 .  You can buy it on SKLZ.com for $29.99 regularly.  It's a great hoop and has a really strong rim.

It's made to go over the back of a door, but we built a simple frame on the back of it, so we can screw it into the studs in the wall.
Here's another view of the frame we built.

Anyway...I just wanted to share this with you.  Maybe someday we'll get living room furniture and take down the hoop, but not for a while.  I can't wait to start renovating our house...new paint, trim, higher baseboards, refinishing the floor and banister, etc.  I'm thinking about carrying the wood floor into the living room.  That would be even better for basketball playing, eh?