It's 3.1415, so eat Pie!

Hi everyone!  Happy Pi Day!  We just moved from a town where Pi Day was very important, since lots of scientists lived there.  We celebrate every year by making and eating lots of pie!

Today is even more exciting because it's March 14, 2015, which are the first five digits of pi.  And if you eat pie at 9:26 (am or pm) you carry the digits out three more numbers!  Thanks to my sweet friend, Julia, for mentioning that on her blog post about a super yummy looking chocolate cream pie.

i can't decide if we're going to have peach pie (here on the blog)....

or our favorite banana cream pie (vanilla cream pie topped with bananas for the banana lovers in my family)...

I usually make chicken pot pie for dinner on Pi Day too, but we have an afternoon full of baseball and a birthday party to get to, so probably not going to happen.

What about you?  Do you celebrate Pi Day?  Or is it just a holiday for nerdy people that like pie?  What kind of pie is your favorite?  Should I make peach or banana cream?