9 of My Family's Favorite Games, Toys and Kitchen Things {Gift Ideas!}

I want to share 3 of my favorite toys, games and kitchen things with you.  (These include Amazon affiliate links, but honestly, I buy almost everything from Amazon.  Feel free to shop around.)
Top 3 Favorite Toys:

Rescue Bots:  These are Transformers for little kids (and a show on Netflix).  My boys love these, from ages 2 to 9.  They're easy to transform and don't have crazy little parts to break off.  We love Blades, Chase, Heat Wave, Boulder, Optimus Prime, and Bumblebee

Zoobs:  We got these for a gift a few years ago and my kids love them.  Most of the time, my boys end up making them look like some kind of weapon.

Skilz Mini Hoop:  We have one of these hanging on our wall in our living room.  Classy, I know.  (I even blogged about it.)   It is meant to hang over a door, but my father-in-law built a simple frame for it and now we can attach it to the wall.  Super sturdy and had tons of playing time.

Top 3 Favorite Games:

Pit:  This is a family favorite.  My six year old can even play it with us.

Apples to Apples:  We have been playing this game a lot more lately.  It's pretty fun for big groups of people.  We just played it with 11 players this week.  We don't have the kids version, but it doesn't stop the six year olds from playing!

Skipbo:  This is my six year old's FAVORITE game lately.  (It's my all-time favorite game too).

Top 3 Favorite Kitchen Things:

WhirleyPop popcorn maker:  I know I blog about this all the time, but it's still my favorite.  I use it at least once a week to make yummy kettlecorn.  I love to give this for gifts, because who doesn't like popcorn?

Bosch Mixer:  I bought one of these this summer (at Costco...it came with a shredding attachment), but you can also buy it on Amazon.  I love it.  We use it weekly to mix up whole wheat bread.  I slice zucchini and other squash to eat like noodles instead of buying a spiralizer.  Totally worth the money!

Food Saver:  I bought one of these during the summer too (at Costco).  I use it all the time!  I freeze meat in it (raw and also cooked, like leftover roast to use later for french dip, and cooked shredded chicken to add to soups later).  I froze tons of stuff from my garden.  It's pretty fun!

What are some of your favorite gifts, toys and kitchen things?

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