Week 337 Menu

Hi everyone!  I'm happy that it's Monday and a new month and that we got an extra hour of sleep today.  I feel like day light savings time is a great time to reset my morning routine.  Hopefully I make the habit again of getting up at 5 or so and exercising before my kids start getting up at 6.  My day is SO much better when I just get up early.  

Anyway...how was your weekend?  How was Halloween?  I simplified ours a bit.  We ended up getting Krispy Kreme doughnuts instead of making our traditional annual buttermilk doughnuts (that are super yummy and easy and fun to make).  We carved pumpkins at 3:30 on Halloween.  And I finished my son's jail bird costume an hour before our church carnival on Friday night.  The kids had a great time and we have way too much candy, so the weekend was a success!

My little guy, who will be 3 in December, ran with the underwear that I bought him last week and he pretty much potty-trained himself.  It was a big week for him (and me) since we moved him into a big boy bed.  Now naptime and timeout are a LOT harder.  Tips for timeout locations besides a crib for a two year old would be appreciated.  :)  

All righty...menu time for this week:

Monday:  chicken fajitas

Tuesday:  chicken noodle soup, fresh light and fluffy whole wheat bread, taking pumpkin torte to an activity at the church

Wednesday:  quick french dip pitas, sweet potato fries

Thursday:  spaghetti

Friday: grilled salmon, rice/quinoa, veggies

Saturday:  easy night

Sunday: chicken pot pie (my daughter's favorite)

What are you making this week?  I always love it when you share your menus.  Have a great week!

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