Kids Valentines 2015

The last few years my kids and I have tried to be creative and make fun valentines instead of buying them.  I blame this on Pinterest!  Everyone was happy with buying a box of valentines, but now we all get to be creative.  :)  I actually do really enjoy it.  It's kind of fun and my kids love planning and making them with me.

Last year we made rubber band bracelets for everyone in my kids' classes.  That was a lot of bracelets!  I blogged about last year here and here.

A few years before that we did this lollipop valentine.

I was just going through some pictures of the past valentine's day and I just found this picture from 2011.  Holy cow, kids are growing so fast.  Slow down, please!

Can you believe that this little 1st grader is now a 5th grader that made all the kids in her class duct tape bookmarks this year?
I bought a bunch of light sticks from amazon to use for the boys' valentines.  I didn't consult my 3rd grader.  When we finally got around to making his valentines he would have preferred to do some kind of a Seattle Seahawks theme.  Instead, he humored me and went with a Star Wars theme.  There are lots of cute glow stick valentine ideas but too lovely dovey for a 3rd grade boy.

We found this on pinterest, printed it, cut it out and stuck the light stick in it.  Easy peasy.

 My kindergartener's valentines were most fun for me to make.  He was Yoda for Halloween last year, so I made a photo collage valentine and printed it at Costco.  All we had to do was tape glow sticks on top of the lightsaber in the picture.

Still haven't figured out what we're doing for actual Valentine's day tomorrow.  The kids have great expectations, but I usually come up with a plan the night before or early the morning of before the kids wake up.  It'll probably involve heart shaped pizza, little chocolate hearts on their pillows and maybe a small surprise.  

I'm excited to live so close to the temple and am going to try to go to an early session.  What a perfect way to start a long weekend!  

I'd love to hear about your v-day plans!  Have a great one, friends!