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Weekly Menu #350!!!!

Hi there!  It's totally okay to post my menu for the week on Saturday evening, right?  I started writing this blog post early on Monday morning, but got stumped on what to make for dinner on Tuesday,and Thursday.  And all week I've regretted not pushing through and planning better.

Not planning caused for some chaotic dinner times!  Since I didn't have a realistic menu planned out, I grocery shopped horribly and struggled trying to figure out to make for dinner.

This week has flown by so fast!  I don't know if it was the sunshine, or the Valentine's festivities or the extra sports practices mixed in there, but I had lots that I wanted to post about and I didn't get to it.  Hopefully Monday I will... I even have a fun giveaway that I am planning to celebrate my #350th weekly menu this week.  Too bad my menu this week was super lame.  Ha!  I'll get to it next week.
Here's my week in a picture:

  • Taquitos are yummy (the one on the left was chicken mixed with quinoa and black beans in a corn tortilla....mmm!)
  • Toddler naps are very important.  He fell asleep on the way to the store and I turned around and came home so he could sleep.  Unfortunately he woke up too soon...
  • I made this sweet and salty granola for brunch on Tuesday and I remembered that it is my favorite!
  • A quick picture of my menu planning fail....seriously messed up my week!
  • Cut 5 inches off of my hair.  I miss it.
  • My daughter loves taquitos and oohs and aahs over my salsa.  

This was what we actually ate this week:

Monday:  chicken taquitos with homemade salsa (everyone grabbed them when they were in between sports practices)

Tuesday:  homemade buttermilk chicken nuggets, baked fries and sweet potato fries with an extra side of CHAOS mixed with a lot of homework.

Wednesday:  German pancakes

Thursday:  grilled burgers and Sandy's famous salsa with homemade tortilla chips

Friday:  homemade pizza

Saturday:  tacos (with some homemade taco seasoning that I gave to neighbors for Christmas)

Sunday:  I'm planning Slow Cooker Pot Roast w/Italian Roasted Vegetables 

Like I said I have more to share, but it's getting late.  Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!  If I would have gone grocery shopping tonight then I would make fruit pizza or chocolate bundt cake.  But since I didn't we'll probably stick with brownies and ice cream.  (You can find more of my Valentine favorite treats here.  Hopefully my kids don't expect crepes or heart-shaped cinnamon rolls.  Otherwise I'd better get busy!  

Feel free to share your menu this week, even if you just had cereal (we do that more often than we should) or I'd love to hear what fun Valentine food you make.

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