Bits & Pieces #3 Valentine's Edition

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

I like to celebrate Valentine's in a kid friendly way.  I don't expect roses, chocolates or a date with my hubby.  I'd rather make heart shaped food for my kids and spend the evening together as a family.  

This year Valentine's day is going to be super simple!  My kids don't have school today, so they slept in.  I'm looking forward to a relaxing day, not a crazy day like yesterday.  

I might make a few more rubberband bracelets  (that I posted about yesterday) with my kids to give to their friends that they don't go to school with. 

I made crepes for breakfast.  Crepes are my kids' favorite.  I don't make them very often since they take forever to cook and disappear in a flash.  

I cut out a few simple hearts and hung them from my ceiling fan.  

For dinner we'll have heart shaped pizza.

We have some cheap heart shaped plates that we use every Valentine's Day.  I have some little heart containers that I always fill with chocolate and set on the plates.  Super simple, but my kids will be happy.

For dessert, we'll have Valentine's cookies that my friend brought over.  I was going to make some yummy fruit pizza, but we've been a little overloaded with sugar this week, so I'll save it for next week.

If I were going to make dessert, here are some things Valentine-y desserts that I love:

I made these on Monday to share with my kids' church teachers

 Chocolate Frosted Peanut Butter Heart Bars -- one of my fav desserts ever!

 One last thing I wanted to share with you...
My son made this heart for me in preschool and I love it.  "I love you because you make me cookies."  I think when my kids will grow up they'll remember that our home was always filled with yummy, homemade food, especially cookies.  

Happy Valentine's Day!
What are your favorite Valentine traditions?  Do you have Valentine's plans today?  Do you keep it simple or go all out?