Week 425 Menu

Some of our backyard where we spend lots of our time in the summer, looking out to the garden.

Hi all,

The summer is buzzing along!  I can't even keep up, so I'm just enjoying the crazy ride.  This week is a slower week at my house, since my 12 year old is at scout camp.  I've actually made dinner a few times, so I thought menu planning would be a good idea for the next week or so.  

This Week

Monday:  I think we had leftovers...can't remember.

Tuesday:  we had grilled sweet and sour chicken (really good!)

Wednesday:  we had instant pot chicken noodle soup and one hour rolls (even though it was 100 degrees outside)

Thursday:  we are having taco soup made with peppers, onion and corn from our garden

Friday:  easy night

Saturday:  lasagna

Next Week

Monday:  grilled Hawaiian chicken, rice, garden veggies

Tuesday:  instant pot greek pork, garlic flatbread, tzatsiki sauce

Wednesday: breakfast burritos

Friday:  Swedish meatballs, steamed potatoes, IKEA gravy

Saturday:  easy night

Sunday:  easy night

What about you?  Are you menu planning this summer?  I've just been taking one day at a time, but having it planned out feels so good!  Feel free to share what you've been eating.  :)

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