Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast burritos are very popular here in New Mexico.  I've been making them for a long time, but only recently had my first "real" breakfast burrito (a.k.a. made by a restaurant).   They are a favorite at my house and are often our go-to-last-minute Sunday dinner.  

Update (6/29/15):  These breakfast burritos are still a staple at our house.  They're super fast to make when you use frozen hashbrowns and crumbled already cooked bacon (I get it at Costco).  The hashbrowns fry up very quickly with a little bit of oil.  I brown the bacon for a minute too.

Here's how I make mine one layer at a time:
  1. Flour tortilla (I love these Tortilla Flat tortillas that you cook yourself)
  2. Bacon pieces (we love Jennie-O turkey bacon or Kirkland )
  3. Hashbrowns (use frozen hashbrowns or grate your own potatoes)*
  4. Scrambled Eggs w/Green Chili**
  5. Grated Cheese
  6. Quick Salsa
* Hashbrowns:  
Heat a little oil in an non-stick skillet.  Grate potatoes (I usually do 3) into the hot pan or use frozen hashbrowns instead.)  Salt and pepper. 
Brown on one side.  Cover with lid and cook on a lower heat until potatoes are cooked through.

** Scrambled Eggs:
Beat 5 or 6 eggs with a little milk.  Mix in 1/4 c. green chili (or one 4 oz. can).  Salt and pepper.  Scramble eggs and green chili together in a non-stick skillet.