Week 356 Menu: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter this week!  This comic gave me a little chuckle.  i still need to buy candy for a our family Easter Egg hunt.  Easter is one of my favorite holidays!  We watched this video as a family on Monday night.  I'm thankful for a special season to remember that there is life after death.  #hallelujah  

I'm a little slow posting my menu this week.  I've been doing pretty great at spending less time on my phone and on the computer on social media later.  I had my husband put an appblock on my internet explorer on my phone and I love it.  It's so nice to not be able to check things on the internet.  It's helping me break my phone addiction.  :)

We have family in town and I'm loving having them here.  So, our week will be full of lots of good food and good company.

Here's the menu for the week:

Monday:  we had grilled Greek chicken, tzatsiki sauce on flatouts rosemary and olive oil bread

Tuesday:  I made this honey garlic chicken and instead of making roasted potatoes I tossed some angel hair pasta in the leftover sauce.  Super yummy!  My kids slurped it up.  

Wednesday:  chicken tacos

Thursday:  easy night

Friday:  easy night

Saturday:  Easter BBQ -- teriyaki burgers, brats and hot dogs, and maybe some chocolate creme filled cupcakes

Sunday:  ham, potatoes, bunny rolls, spinach salad

What are you making this week?  Do you have any fun Easter food that you eat every year?  

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