Week 388 Menu: Looking Back

I actually planned my menu for this past week by writing in on my menu board in the kitchen.  I kept waiting for a "Monday" to happen, you know the day when everyone goes back to work and school and life becomes normal.  It never happened and so my menu posting didn't happen either.
Monday and Tuesday were still part of Christmas break from school and we got snow, so we just hung out at home.  My husband went out of town for a few days for work.  Wednesday was our first day back to school, but it snowed so we had a two hour delay and they get out early on Wednesday, so by the time I exercised, showered and ate lunch my kids were already starting to come home.  Thursday and Friday my 5th grader stayed home from school. I've felt a little house bound, but it's been good.  I've organized closets, donated and thrown away stuff that took up half of a room.  Saturday I spent hours returning stuff I bought before Christmas and grocery shopping.

It started snowing yesterday and so church was canceled today.  It hardly ever snows this much here in Eastern Washington.  I'm actually enjoying the extra breaks we're getting from our busy usual life.  I take one look at the snow covered road that comes up the hill to our house and am happy staying home.  

School is already cancelled for tomorrow.  I'm excited to get out wall paint and finish up some of our upstairs remodel without having to run errands or schlep kids around.  

I thought I'd look back at my menu this week.  It actually varied a bit from what I'd planned.

Monday:  we had pork tacos/salad with Instant pot black beans, homemade salsa and all the other fixings.  So yummy!  I ate it for lunch all week.

Tuesday:  leftovers

Wednesday:  parmesan chicken nuggets, baked oven fries, green beans

Thursday:  teriyaki meatballs, made quinoa and then rice in my Instant Pot for the first time

Friday:  made chicken noodle soup in my Instant Pot as an experiment.  Worked great!  Served with one hour rolls that disappeared mysteriously fast.  

Saturday:  date night with my four year old for his very late birthday dinner

Sunday:  church was canceled, so we had a late breakfast, chips and salsa and chicken BLT sandwiches for lunch and cinnamon rolls for dinner (along with whatever else we felt like eating) and lots of hot chocolate

AND, did you notice that the RECIPE INDEX on my blog is back?  Woohoo!!!  Now all my recipes can be easily accessed.  So much yumminess that I'd forgotten about!  

Alrighty...I'm going to menu plan now for this week, just in case my regular "Monday" doesn't happen.  What about you?  Was your week super crazy too?  Wild weather?  Crazy schedules?  I'm just going to roll with it.  Let's see what fun this week can bring!

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