Chicken Salad BLT

This is my new favorite sandwich!  I've made it for me and my hubby for lunch after church the last couple of weeks.  It's inspired by a sandwich that I had at our local eating establishment, Hill Diner.

I love BLTS and I love chicken salad sandwiches, so why not combine them?  The chicken salad in this sandwich can be as simple or as gourmet as you feel like making.  I think it's the bacon that makes so yummy!

Sorry that there aren't really any exact amounts in the "recipe".  I guess I assume that if you can cook, and if you regularly check my blog, that you're like me and just add a scoop of this and a little of that according to your taste.

Chicken Salad BLT
recipe by me, Jenny

bread, toasted
mayo (or miracle whip if that's what you like to spread on your sandwiches)
turkey bacon, cooked crisp
chicken salad

Spread mayo on one piece of the toasted bread.  Spread chicken salad on the other toasted bread.  Top the chicken salad mixture with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and the other piece of toast.

Chicken Salad:
These are the four essential ingredients to your chicken salad (it's yummy just like this):
shredded cooked chicken (I use this shredding method)
mayo (however much you'd like, just so your chicken is nice and moist)
salt and pepper

optional ingredients that I like to add:
minced garlic, or garlic powder
squirt of lemon juice
cucumber, chopped
celery, chopped
green onions, sliced thinly
toasted sugared almonds
you could even add sliced grapes or apple

(In the picture above, my chicken salad consisted of chicken, mayo, salt and pepper, cucumber and green onions.  Delicious!)

Be creative and enjoy!
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