Favorite Thing: Tile Mate

Hi there!  My friend surprised me with the sweetest, most thoughtful gift for my birthday.  She remembered that I had told her about the time that I was coaching my five year old's soccer team (that's another story, they were desperate for ANYONE to coach) and almost missed a whole game because I couldn't find my keys.  I just remembered that I blogged about that day (my post was labeled Lessons Learned From a Frazzled Soccer Coach).

So, yesterday my friend brought me the most life changing gift. A Tile Mate.

It's a key finder.  A phone finder.  Or an anything finder.  But for me it's life changing.  

I am constantly losing my keys and my phone, but I think those days are over.

All you have to do is download the TILE app on your phone and sync it to your tile.  You can put your tile on anything that you want to find.  I put it on my keys.  
If you lose your keys you open the app on your phone and it makes your tile ring and it has all kinds of info about the location of your keys.  

If you want to find your phone, just double click the tile and it makes your phone ring, even if it was on silent.  Amazing!  

There is also this other style, the Tile Slim that you can adhere to anything, like your wallet or whatever.  It doesn't have the hole in it, but comes with adhesive.  

Anyway...I thought I'd share this with you.  It was the most thoughtful gift and I'm super excited about it.  I have the best family and friends and was amazed at the thoughtfulness of people on my birthday yesterday.  So many messages, texts, happy birthday wishes in person, and gifts.  I am blessed!

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I've included some Amazon affiliate links, because I love Amazon.  The Tile Slim's are actually cheaper on Amazon than at Target.  Hugs!