Week 403 Menu: What we ACTUALLY ate

Hi there!  Just noticed that I haven't posted AT ALL in May and it's already halfway over.  The first week of May my daughter and I went on the best mother-daughter trip to see some of our favorite people from New Mexico, whom we haven't seen since we moved over two years ago.  I went to BYU Women's Conference and my daughter and her friend hung out and got spoiled by grandparents.  

Last week we were getting back into the groove of things after being gone.  I actually made dinner almost every night, but never posted my menu, so I thought I should do it now...you know, because if I don't blog about it, then it's like it never happened.  :)

Monday:  we had breakfast burritos with homemade salsa

Tuesday:  we had sandwiches

Wednesday:  we had grilled pork chops, orzo pilaf, broccoli and fruit

Thursday:  we had turkey quinoa taco skillet (I love to eat this for lunches in taco salad form!!!)

Friday:  my family had BBQ chicken tinfoil dinners and I had the yummiest pesto margherita chicken  at Twig's with some friends at a baby shower/dinner out.  

Saturday:  pizza - I got my favorite thin crust veggie since it was practically Mother's day

Sunday:  my family helped with dinner - 7up grilled chicken, potato salad (w/out eggs since I'm a hater), my daughter made salsa, veggies, fruit and to-die-for lemon brownies

What about you?  Do you remember what you ate last week?  It's a great brain exercise to try to remember...for me at least.  :)

Feel free to share.  I love it when you do.  

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