Marinated Grilled Chicken

This recipe is one of my childhood favorites.  I grew up in a small town in Utah and in some of the neighboring towns people raised turkeys.  During the summers we would have marinated grilled turkey.  Since turkey is a little harder to come by these days where I live we use chicken instead.  My kids love this chicken (and they don't always love chicken that isn't breaded and deep-fried).

Marinated Grilled Chicken

Cut up chicken into slices (big enough that they won't fall through your grill rack).
In bowl, cover chicken w/marinade:
2 parts lemon-lime soda (start w/2 c.)
1 part soy sauce (start w/1 c.)
sprinkle of garlic powder

Marinade in fridge at least overnight.  The longer it marinades the more flavor it has.

Right before grilling add a little canola oil (maybe 1/4 c.).  The original recipe says to add the oil as part of the marinade.  My dad decided to stop doing that because he says that the oil stops the chicken from soaking up the soy sauce and 7up.  He always adds it at the end, so it doesn't stick to the grill.)
Grill and enjoy!


  1. Jenny, this is so funny. We made this last night also. Great minds obviously think alike.

  2. The island of Jamaica is known for its many interesting dishes such as salt fish and ackee, curried goat, fried plantains, and of course jerk marinade dishes.


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