Week 398 Menu

Hey there!  This week is flying by and at the same time crawling by slowly (if that's possible).   I can't believe it's still Tuesday!  Feels like it should be Thursday at least and I can't wait to go to bed tonight!

Last week we made it to the park for the first time in months!  This week has been rainy with a bit of sun.  Hopefully we get some warm weather!  I finally gave up today and kept working in my yard while it started raining.  It always feels great to get some yard work done!

Last week was definitely a learning one for me, at least when it comes to food.  A few days I was super on the ball and planned all my food for the day after I packed my kids and hubby's lunches.  I got breakfast ready, snacks, lunch prepped and planned what I was going to have for dinner.  It was so great to have it all ready and super healthy.  Then other days I didn't have a plan really, and was too busy with a million other things to try hard, so it was a "give me all the oreos" kind of day.  Ugh.

One way to have a great week this week is to get my menu finalized and posted now, so I can be prepared.

So, here goes.

Monday:  our favorite taco soup (I made it at 3 pm and stuck it in the crockpot on warm so it can hang out until we're ready to eat) **Weird fact, I only use my crockpot in the garage, so my house doesn't smell like the food I cooked for days and days!

Tuesday:  Italian chicken sausage, noodles & alfredo, broccoli, sliced apples (I grated a sweet potato and sauteed it for a few minutes and topped it with a bit of alfredo sauce and a little parmesan cheese instead of having noodles)

Wednesday:  grill teriyaki burgers, baked fries, veggies

Thursday:  meatball sandwiches

Friday:  grilled chicken fajitas, homemade salsa (a staple at our house)

Saturday: easy night for the boys, date night with my daughter, going to the General Women's broadcast

Sunday:  I'll let my family choose, maybe grill some steaks 

All righty...I'm excited for a fresh start tomorrow (since every day is a fresh start)!  Here's to eating better, exercising harder, waking up earlier and spending the morning at the temple (my favorite thing I get to do most Wednesdays)!

If you've menu planned, feel free to share what you're making this week.  I love it when you do!

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