What we ACTUALLY ate (Week 391 Menu)

This last week slipped away so fast. I started planning my menu on Monday and never finished.  Guess what happened?  We ended up eating Mexican food 5 out of 7 nights!  Totally my favorite.  Quick, easy and pretty healthy.

This is the ONLY picture I took this week and posted it on Instagram.  We had a busy week with a little snow, ice and some SUNSHINE!  We had plenty of basketball, piano lessons, homework and preschool teaching.  My favorite day of the week is Wednesday when I get to go to the temple.  Such a blessing.

This week's menu is a "what we actually ate" menu.  So, here's what we actually ate this week.  

Monday:  crockpot chipotle honey lime chicken tacos, Instant Pot spanish rice, homemade salsa, guacamole

Tuesday:  Costa Vida (my favorite!!!)

Wednesday:  taco soup

Thursday: breakfast burritos (made it with turkey sausage instead of bacon and fried up some sweet potatoes for me)

Friday: eggs, fried ham, toast (or leftover breakfast burritos for some of us)

Sunday:  pulled out some green chile tomatillo pork from the freezer and everyone made them into salad, nachos or tacos with our favorite salsa, guacamole and the works.  My daughter made caramel brownies and my ten year old son made cookies for the first time all by himself (chocolate chip...they were good!).

What about you?  What did you end up eating this week?  I've started writing down what we ate each day in my calendar/planner.  It's fun to look back and see what we ate in "real life".   Feel free to share what you ate.  Love it when you do!

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