Week 390 Menu

This was my week last week:  trying to stay positive, yummy cookies, and "ice ice baby."
Can you believe that a good chunk of January is already over?  I feel like my kids are still starting to go back to school from Christmas break.

Last week was very interesting.  I got to sleep in a lot.  I made a lot of quesadillas for lunch.  I ate a lot of cookies.  Here's what our week looked like, school-wise.

Monday:  no school (Martin Luther King day)
Tuesday:  the kids went to school all day, but my little guy was coughing and skipped preschool
Wednesday:  no school due to freezing rain
Thursday:  no school due to freezing rain
Friday:  2 hour delay, but the kids all went to school for a while, even my preschooler

I'm very thankful that the ice is all melting.  Our snow is sslllllllooooowwwwlllllyyyy starting to melt.  Weather is looking up and spring is getting closer every day.

Hoping we're back to our regular schedule now.  The kids definitely appreciate basketball practice and the chance to go to school a bit more now since they haven't gone much in the last two months.

Menu time:

Monday:  honey garlic chicken, whole wheat angel hair, broccoli

Tuesday:  turkey taco quinoa skillet (this is the 4th time this has been on my menu, maybe I'll get to make it this week)

Wednesday:  grill burgers/hot dogs

Thursday:  beef stroganoff

Friday:  homemade pizza

Saturday:  quick french dip w/green chilies

Sunday:  grilled teriyaki salmon, quinoa/or rice, steamed veggies

What are you making this week?  Feel free to share.  I love it when you do.  (My cute friend Julia shared last week.  Love it!)

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  1. My menu this week:
    M - crunchwrap supremes
    T - clam chowder and french bread
    W - N'awlins cajun beef and grits
    Th - Chicken Kai Pa Lo
    F - pizza
    S - kid's choice
    S - undecided

    1. I can finally comment again! Figured out is was a problem with third party cookies.

  2. Hoping we're back to our regular schedule now.



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