Week 369 Menu

Hi there!  This week is just flying by!  Can't believe it's already Friday.  We had a great weekend with my parents here.  I think I've made dinner more times in the last week than I did in half of May.  My family hasn't complained at all!  
This week we've spent lots of time in the garden, I went on a run by the river and my little guy dressed up as Dragon Dude.  I'm loving our summer schedule, even though it still seems jam-packed, but maybe some of that is the hours I spend reminding my kids to do their chores.  I am determined to help my kids learn to clean up after themselves this summer.  I have a feeling it's going to be continual reminding, but oh well!  

I picked our first zucchini today.  My garden is starting to produce.  We've already been enjoying raspberries, a few blackberries and strawberries.  You can see more on Instagram.  Bring on the garden abundance!  

Let's see if I remember what we've eaten this week.  It's kind of been a lot of chicken, but it was all really tasty!  

Monday:  we had leftover chicken fajitas (from Father's Day)

Tuesday:  honey garlic chicken (so easy and yummy!), whole wheat noodles instead of roasted potatoes, broccoli and fresh whole wheat bread

Wednesday:  grilled naan pizzas (15 minute meal)

Thursday:  grilled Greek chicken, peppers and flatbread wraps (instead of making tzatsiki sauce, I used Bolthouse yogurt ranch dressing and it was super yummy and way easier!)

Saturday:  grill teriyaki burgers, on the cob

Sunday:  orange chicken

What about you?  What have you had for dinner this week?  What are your plans for this weekend?  Hopefully I'll be back on menu planning wagon on Monday instead of Friday.  

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