Week 368 Menu (First Week of Summer)

Happy Summer!  I'm happy to say that since we're finally out of school!  We just finished day two of summer break.  I've been trying my best to set out routines and let my kids know my expectations to help our summer go smoothly.  My dream is that my kids will obey when I tell them something the first time and that they not fight.  Is that too much to ask?  Ha.  Might be.

Shared this picture on instagram tonight...I'm super happy that my kids have been practicing the piano a lot.  :)

I have made charts for reading, and lists for daily chores, and put masking tape name labels on cups.  And we've already run around to basketball camp, piano lessons, basketball games, baseball party, the swimming pool etc. in just two days.  I am super excited to not have to pack lunches or shuffle through all the papers that come home with three kids.  And luckily, baseball is over now, but for some reason we're doing summer basketball and almost year round basketball.  Aah...hard life, right?  I've decided that all these sports and activities don't wear my 10 year old out...they just build endurance.  ;)

My garden is growing like crazy and I'm trying hard to keep on top of it so it doesn't get out of control.  I learned last year that pruning is key otherwise you'll end up with monster tomato plants and lots of other crazy things.  

My goal for this summer is to have the kids help make dinner or at least plan the meals.  Hopefully this will cut down on the complaining.  I didn't really make any "nice" dinners the last few days, so last night my daughter asked if today I would finally make dinner.  Ha!  (Just posted my menu from last week today...I slacked a bit last week and I enjoyed it.)

I need to menu plan for this week before it ends.  I'm excited that my parents and little sister are coming to visit tomorrow, so I'd better cook for them.  I don't think they would enjoy cereal for dinner like my kids do.

Monday:  we had leftovers

Tuesday:  we had breakfast burritos

Wednesday:  fettuccine alfredo, grilled pesto chicken, baked butternut squash, salad (with lettuce from my garden!!!)

Thursday: fajitas (steak and chicken)

Friday:  easy night or let my mom choose what I'm making

Saturday: teriyaki grilled salmon, rice or quinoa, salad, fruit

Sunday:  Father's Day and we're feeding the missionaries too - orange chicken, rice, stirfry veggies, banana cream pie for dessert

What about you?  What are you making this week?  Or what have you been eating for dinner?  What's your plan for Father's Day?  I might get to cook for my dad and my husband!  I hope I get to do it...I'll make them pie.  

Have a great week!  Happy Summer!!!

P.S.  My recipe page is still down, so if you need a recipe, just search for it in the box on the right OR you can search for the label in the right sidebar (down the page a bit).  I'm hoping to fix the menu page soon.  Or just leave me a comment and I'll find you the recipe you need.

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