Looking Back at Week 367 Menu

I totally slacked on menu planning last week amid the last week of school chaos.  Or maybe it was me just trying to simplify.  I tried to simplify other things, for example, asking my son if he wanted to wear a hat instead of having to comb his hair.  Or if he really can see well without his glasses or contacts.  This simplified getting him out the door.  Ha!  
School lunches last week were very....creative.  I had to add some last minute popcorn as filler, just in case they were super hungry.  

Last week we had a couple of days that the temperature was in the 100s.  I tried to embrace the heat and soak it in by trying not to complain too much.  Then it cooled down by the last week of school, so no one wanted to slip and slide or go to the pool to celebrate the end of school.

I tried something different for teacher gifts this year (see above picture).  I packaged up some of my favorite spice mixes (homemade taco seasoning and spicy honey chicken rub) along with recipe ideas of how to use the spices and gave them to my kids teachers.  I hope that it will help make at least two nights of their summer more enjoyable by having dinner ideas already.  I put the spices in a clear party bag that I cut in half.  I sealed the top with my foodsaver and then made an additional bag with the other half of the gift bag by sealing both sides with my foodsaver.  (My foodsaver is one of my favorite things.  Pretty useful!)

I gave out little bags of taco seasoning for Christmas to friends and neighbors.  I was looking for something to share that is gluten free and not sugary.  But I also gave out little bags of chocolate peanut butter bark that I sealed with my foodsaver.  You can see it on instagram here and here.

Let's see if I can actually remember what we ate for dinner last week.  (I've been writing down our actual dinners in my planner each week just in case I want to check back for inspiration.)

Monday:  we had leftover pulled pork and coleslaw sandwiches, sweet potato quinoa salad and BBQ beans

Tuesday:  we had teriyaki meatballs (our second time making them and my family LOVES them)

Wednesday;  we had spaghetti and I burned the garlic bread in the broiler again (I burn almost everything I broil)

Thursday:  leftover night

Friday:  we had tacos (packaging up taco seasoning mix for teacher gifts inspired me to make tacos)

Saturday:  we had french toast on my daughter's yummy whole wheat bread

Sunday:  leftovers (or should I just say that we had ice cream???  we ate lunch at 2:30 after church and weren't really hungry for a big dinner.)

All righty...that was last week.  Now that we're full onto summer bring on the menu planning (and the grilling!!!).  Can't wait for a change in pace.

What about you?  Can you remember what you made last week?  Do you menu plan for the week or the month or just go day by day?  Feel free to share.  I love it when you do.

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