Week 365 Menu

Hi everyone!  Happy Monday!  I'm pretty excited for today, mainly because I am planning on NOT getting in my car and running errands.  Amazingly my kids don't have any sports of any kid tonight, so we can just stay home, eat dinner sitting at the table, do homework, have family night and hopefully get the kids in bed.  And only 13 more days of school left!!!!

I am planning on doing some closet cleaning (I have a whole room that is scary, very scary and it needs to be marie-kondoed) and bathroom cleaning too.  

I've got to make some bread today.  My daughter made some perfectly, fluffy, yummy bread over the weekend, but it was gone in a flash and one of my boys had to have crackers and cheese in his lunch instead of a sandwich.   My poor kids have had plenty of lame lunches lately since I haven't been good at buying or making bread.  Usually my daughter makes it and we have plenty around.  

I'm loving watching my garden grow.  I planted it two weeks ago.  We've been gathering a bowls full of strawberries too.  Yummy.

Menu time...

Monday:  spaghetti, fresh whole wheat bread, corn on the cob

Tuesday:  homemade pizza

Wednesday:  breakfast burritos

Thursday:   grilled chicken, sweet potato quinoa salad (my favorite), 

Friday:   teriyaki meatballs, rice/quinoa, broccoli

Saturday:   slow cooker kalua pork (use for cafe rio pork tacos/salad and freeze some for later)

What are you making this week?  Feel free to share your menus.  I love it when you do.  Have a great Monday!

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