Week 359 Menu

Wow, it's already Thursday!  This week and weekend have/are packed and busy, busy.  I have been meaning to sit down and menu plan all week, but haven't done it.  Dinnertime would have been much easier the last few days if I would have menu planned.  

Anyway...Here's our plan for the week:

Monday:  we had breakfast burritos

Tuesday:  we had chicken pot pie

Wednesday:  we had leftovers or oatmeal (appealing choices, right?)

Thursday;  homemade pizza

Friday:  feeding the missionaries...turkey meatball sandwiches and hopefully some sides to go with it!?!  and maybe a dessert

Saturday:  we're hosting a backyard/campfire birthday party for my daughter.  We'll have cook-your-own-hot dogs, 7 up marinated chicken (for the hot dog hating girls), salad bar and a smores bar (instead of cake). 

Sunday:  Lately (like all of 2016) I haven't been wanting to make a big Sunday dinner.  We go to church from 11 to 2 and when we get home everyone is starving, so we usually eat a grab-whatever-you-can-see lunch.  Then if I make dinner, no one is really hungry and it's a lot of work.  So, I've been wanting to simplify.  I'm thinking that we'll have leftovers from the party on Saturday, so that's what we'll have on Sunday.  

What's your weekly menu looked like this week?  Did it involve oatmeal or pizza?  What are your favorite ways to make smores?  I'd love some new ideas for my daughters smores bar at her party.  Yum!!!

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