Week 340 Menu: Thanksgiving Week

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!  

I think I'm ready for Thanksgiving.  I went grocery shopping today and I think (fingers crossed) I got everything I need.  Now I just need to get our house company-ready, because my sister and her family are coming!  I'm super excited to have them come visit and to whip up a feast with my sis.

My cute daughter found my grocery shopping list and added a little to it.  {Smile!}  Too bad I dropped it on the way to the garage and had to write a new list in the Winco parking lot.  Shopping wasn't too bad.  I really love Winco!  

Here's the menu plan for the week:

Easy night (seriously...I think grocery shopping for Thanksgiving is harder than actually making the feast.  The stores are crazy and then you get to lug the groceries in from the car and them put them away.  I ran out of time today, so we had leftovers and/or french toast for dinner.)


Taco soup in the crockpot (so it can simmer while we get the turkey brining, make pies, etc.)

Thanksgiving Feast:



What's on YOUR menu this week?  Do you go out for Thanksgiving dinner or make a giant feast by yourself or do you only have to bring one or two dishes to dinner?  Anyway you celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful day!

P.S.  Did you notice that my blog has a new web address...no more blogspot.com to remember!  It's simply www.whatisonyourmenu.com!  

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