Looking Back at Week 358 Menu (Spring Break!)

I had really good intentions of planning and posting my menu last week.  However, it obviously didn't happen.  It was spring break and we spent the week at home.  It was SUPER!  I loved the warm weather (it seriously felt like summer...85 a few days!), sleeping in, not packing lunches, no sports practices or games, etc.  I was looking for a picture to share with you of something fun that we did, but I couldn't find any that weren't of kids making weird faces or picking their noses.  So, here's my birthday girl.

We went hiking, swimming, watched General Conference, tried out famous spudnuts (which my kids declared are better than krispy kreme!), celebrated my daughter's 12th birthday!!!!, roller skated, played with friends, watched Star Wars (finally), did lots of yard work and much more.   

Here's our menu for last week:

Monday:  hot dog and smores in the backyard fire pit

Wednesday:  spaghetti

Thursday:  pancakes, hashbrowns, fruit

Friday:  grilled marinated steak, cous cous, veggies

Saturday:  easy night

Sunday:  grilled chicken and peppers, grilled flatbread brushed w/rosemary oil and garlic, veggies and fruit

What did you eat last week?  Did you menu plan or just wing it day by day like I did? 

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