Favorite Thing: EZ Squeezes Refillable Pouches

Hi friends!  I have a new favorite thing that I wanted to share with you.  The best $9.99 that I've spent in a while.

My baby loves to eat (or rather suck on) baby food pouches.  However, they're a little pricey, but it's the only way that my baby will eat baby food.  He won't eat it on a spoon.  My local grocery store was out of my favorite cheap brand for almost a month and I was sad.  Then I saw these refillable pouches online and bought them.

They are a hit with all my kids! 

My four year old took one filled with homemade applesauce to preschool for his snack. 

My second grader took a pouch filled with yogurt to school in his lunchbox. 
My baby has enjoyed applesauce, pureed bottled peaches, yogurt, baby food from a jar, and some oatmeal in his pouch and we've only had them for two days. 

I'm excited to find more things to put in the pouch.  My 9 year old that doesn't like applesauce or yogurt would love a pouch filled with pudding at school. 

The pouch has a Ziploc-type opening on one side and the other side has a gusset, so it opens wider.  They are really easy to wash and can be put in the dishwasher.

Well worth the money for a package of 3.  I got them on Amazon.

What would you put in a pouch for your kids?