Sewing with Kids - Baby Dinosaur

My nine year old daughter has been asking me to teach her how to sew.  I saw this cute stegosaurus dinosaur on Pinterest and we decided to make it for our baby brother.

I took all of my kids to Hobby Lobby and we picked out some fabric and ribbon.  It doesn't take much fabric, so this would be a great way to use up your scraps.  I didn't have any "boy" fabric, so we bought some.

We used the free pattern that I found on The First of Mae blog

It was super simple and only took 20 minutes tops.  My daughter helped me sew it.  Then she stuffed the dinosaur with batting.  I hand stitched the rest of it, then we gave to the baby.

He loved it!  He loves to suck on the tail.  He loves to suck on the head.
He loves getting his fingers tangled up in the ribbon.  We made the stegosaurus spine ribbon loops extra long so he could grab them better. 

 There are so many other little stuffies that I'd like to make.  Couldn't be simpler.  Just draw a picture, like a dinosaur, a car, a truck, etc. and cut it out of fabric.  Sew almost all the way around, stuff it, hand stitch and you have a fun little toy. 

And it's washable!  Just through it in the washer!

My kids couldn't be prouder of their handmade dinosaur.  And little baby guy loves it too!


  1. This is really cute -- both the dino (adorable) and your kids (both adorable -- holy cow, your little guy's eyes are stunning!).

  2. I can't believe he is sitting up! Or that you have time to sew anything. Nice work Jenny and Kate!


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