Friday Favorite

Since it's Friday I wanted to share with you one of my most FAVORITE meals ever!  You make a big batch and can make several different things with it.  It is...

I make a whole cookie sheet worth of meatballs (2 lbs of turkey).  Then we eat some and freeze the rest.  

We make these fabulous MEATBALL SANDWICHES with them.
A little meatball, spaghetti sauce and provolone cheese on bolillo rolls (from Walmart).  Yummo!

Whip up a simple sweet and sour sauce of cranberry sauce, chili sauce and ketchup and serve over rice.  Yummo (again)!

Or just add some meatballs to your SPAGHETTI.

I love it when I have ziploc bags filled with these meatballs in my freezer.  Quick and easy meals ready to go!