Week 105 Menu

I made my favorite cheesecake for my hubby's birthday today.  I posted the recipe a few years ago, but I updated the recipe with new pictures (since the old ones were awful!).  This is my favorite cheesecake recipe ever.  I highly recommend it!

Now onto my menu for the week:

Monday: tinfoil dinners

Tuesday: broiled parmesan tilapia, rice

Wednesday: meatball sandwiches

Thursday: Italian wedding soup or easy night

Friday: sloppy joes or teriyaki burgers

Saturday: maybe make spicy honey chicken again

Sunday:  lasagna, 1 hour breadsticks, salad

That's what I'm making this week.  What are you making?  I love it when you share.  Have a good week!


  1. First, I have to tell you that we absolutely loved the busy day beef tips that you linked last week. (I may or may not have had 3 servings.) I will definitely be adding that to my favorites list. Now for this week's menu.

    Monday: dinner at my sister's. chicken tetrazini & garlic bread

    Tuesday: crockpot chicken stew

    Wednesday: Mexican Casserole

    Thursday: Apple Puffed Pancake

    Friday: Tilapia for me, Ranch chicken for my family

    Saturday & Sunday: not sure yet

  2. So we tried that broiled tilapia yesterday (I actually got the recipe from my friend and it turns out it's the same recipe you use!), and the topping was pretty salty. Do you use canister parm cheese or fresh grated? I think we would like it if the flavor of the topping wasn't so strong.

  3. I am a little scared to venture into the world of fish...Not sure what a good/or good priced piece should look like or cost?? Any tips?

    P.s. Happy birthday David, I hope the big 31 is magical!


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