Week 427 Menu

Happy Monday!  

Just for fun, I'm sharing this picture from 2012 when life was way less busy, I blogged a lot and my kids were tiny and squishy.  Lately, I've been trying to remember what life was like back then, before I got a smart phone.  Back in the days before I could text or had social media.  Those were the days!   

My husband and I have been trying to spend less time on our phones.  We bought alarm clocks a few weeks ago and have been leaving our phones downstairs at night.  It's so nice!  No more checking email/text/instagram/facebook/news right before I go to sleep and as soon as I wake up.  It's refreshing and relaxing.

I'm also in the middle of a 10 day social media fast (a challenge from the latest talk by our prophet, Pres. Nelson).  I've realized that I don't really miss any of the people I follow just for fun (people I don't know in real life).  I have a handful of favorite blogs that I follow and I read their posts with on my blogreader (feedly).  I'm not bombarded with people's comments, and likes, and questions.  It's just enough to expand my recipe repertoire and help me with some design tips, but not overwhelming or suffocating like social media can be.

Anyway...I think I'm going to spend more time on this blog, even though hardly anyone reads it.  It's therapeutic for me to write and plan and share regardless.   

And meal planning is always a good idea!  My family really appreciates it when I make dinner.

So, here goes #427 menu plan!

Monday:   grilled cedar planked teriyaki salmon rice, veggies

Tuesday:  spicy honey chicken salad

Wednesday: spaghetti or chicken tetrazinni

Thursday:  potato soup, one hour rolls

Friday:  easy night

Saturday: tamales, Spanish rice, beans, quick salsa

What about YOU?  What's on your menu this week?  Feel free to share.  I love it when you do.

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