Week 423 Menu

Alki Beach - My boys love this picture since it looks like there's a bird on my head. 
We were grateful that the sun was out, thus the squinting.  
Hi all!  We are in recovery mode from having spring break last week.  We spent the whole week in Seattle, where my husband worked and the kids and I played (and tried to stay sane while together in our hotel room).  It was fun and we got to do some fun things, ate lots of food that I didn't have to cook, swam in the hotel pool as much as possible and enjoyed the break from our usual schedule.

I'm still trying to plow through the piles of laundry, plus my daughter had a birthday and I taught preschool this morning.  I sat down with my planner to plan out meals this week and when I got to Weds, Thursday and Friday, I thought "huh, that's going to be interesting".  Gotta love spring sports season (plus piano lessons, etc.).  

So, here's my plan:

Monday (yesterday):  I made instant pot BBQ pork sandwiches, on pretzel rolls with coleslaw and a very delicious Texas sheet cake

Tuesday:  taco salad

Wednesday:  grill steak with this marinade, cous cous/rice/quinoa

Thursday:  pizza (or maybe leftovers)

Friday:  chicken pot pie

Saturday:  easy night

Sunday:  Greek pork (from freezer) in flatbread with tsatziki sauce, and fresh veggies

What's on YOUR menu this week?  Feel free to share.  I love it when you do.  

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