Week 399 Menu

Happy Monday!  Had a great weekend planting fruit trees, freezing my toes off at a football game and going on a date with my daughter to the General Women's Session of General Conference and out for a yummy dinner.  Can't wait to relisten to all the talks from the meeting.  They all spoke to my heart!  Can't wait for more lessons from 

Going to cut to the chase and get my menu posted before I get distracted!  One more week and then we'll have Spring Break!  Not sure what our plans are, but it'll be nice to have some time as a family.  

Monday: breakfast burritos

Tuesday:  my daughter's favorite meatball sandwiches

Thursday: spaghetti or homemade pizza

Friday:  out, maybe

Saturday: easy night

Sunday: family's choice

What about you?  What are you making this week?  Feel free to share.  I love it when you do.

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