Week 396 Menu: What we ACTUALLY ate

Hi there!  I really started planning my menu for this week, but then didn't follow through with it.  Guess I got distracted.  That happens a lot!  :)
Friday I finally tackled my gas grill.  I called Char-Broil and told them I thought I needed a new regulator.  They sent me one right away and it was still under warranty.  Super great customer service!  I didn't want to wait for my husband to replace it, so I figured out how to replace it myself.  So happy it actually worked.  Now the gas comes roaring out of the burners, while before it would barely even heat up.

I made our favorite BBQ Chicken Tinfoil dinners  right after I fixed the grill.  I put some sweet potato tots in a few of them.  I liked it and so did my four year old (no one else got to eat them since they don't like sweet potatoes).  They didn't get very crispy, but I liked the sweetness that it added.  

So, here's what we actually ate this week...

Monday:  Swedish meatballls, mashed potatoes, IKEA gravy and lingonberry preserves

Tuesday:  leftovers for most of the family and dinner at the church for me

Wednesday:  dinner fail!!!  Costco chicken patties made into chicken sandwiches.  So gross!  They all got thrown away and we ate chips and carrots instead.  I bought some patties from Costco after seeing some rave reviews for them on instagram, from some people that I thought had good taste.  Ew, the word "patties" should have been the clue.   Not good.

Thursday:  chicken and wild rice soup

Saturday:  easy night

Sunday:  grilled Asian chicken, instant pot brown rice pilaf, veggies and fruit

Well, that's what we ACTUALLY ate this last week.  

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