Week 392 Menu

Menu planning has been tricky this week (and last week) since my Instant Pot gave me a fatal error and won't work AND my newish grill isn't working so well.  I need to spend some time with customer service on both of these so I can get back to my regular way of cooking.

This weekend we found a little surprise on our stairs.  I posted about it on instagram.  We have lots of home projects going on and we need to wrap some of them up and move on.  Looking good!

This week is busy, like life, I guess.  Life is better when I menu plan, so here we go.  I'm determined to be more on top of things this week. 

Monday: teriyaki meatballs, rice, stirfry veggies

Tuesday: lasagna

Wednesday: fancy sandwiches - turkey pesto on yummy, easy french bread

Thursday: chicken taquitos, salsa and guacamole, veggies & fruit

Friday: baked tinfoil dinners (my grill is having a problem so we're baking these instead of grilling)

Saturday: flatbread pizza

Sunday: chicken pot pie

All righty!  That's done.  Phew!  How about you?  Have you menu planned for this week?  Feel free to share.  I love it when you do.

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