Week 386 Menu almost over

I'm sneaking in my menu before the menu planning week is officially over.  This week was a crazy one with two snow days, a 2 hour delay, my husband gone on travel, etc.  But the good thing was that it was simple and involved a lot of sledding in the backyard.  A lot of the extra things that make this time of year were cancelled because of the snow.  

Let's see if I can remember what we actually made this week:

Monday: bistro chicken, roasted rosemary potatoes

Tuesday: BBQ pork on pretzel rolls with broccoli slaw

Wednesday:  ham fried rice

Thursday:  german pancakes

Friday:  clam-less clam chowder with fresh sourdough bread from Boudin Bakery in San Francisco that my husband brought home

Saturday:  leftovers

Sunday:  easy night

All righty, such a great week!  I've posted more on my other two instagram accounts: @jennysharesjoy and @whatisonyourmenu

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