Week 371 Menu

Hi there!  We just got back (can I say "just" even though it's Thursday and we got home on Sunday evening?) from a trip to Utah.  It was a nice break/vacation/family visit and I wish I was in the mountains right now without wi-fi or phone and no laundry or weeds to pull.

Anyway...I decided since it's Thursday that I better menu plan for the week.  My family appreciates it when I have a plan and actually make dinner.  I didn't make dinner at all on Tuesday and while it was super great to not have any dishes to wash, I think my family wanted more than just quesadillas for dinner.  Ha!

My garden is starting to give us lots and lots of deliciousness:  green beans, zucchini, cucumbers, a few cherry tomatoes, sweet onions, lettuce, carrots and a handful of berries.  It makes side-dish planning super easy, we just have lots of fresh veggies every night.  If you want to see more about my garden check out my instagram feed.  

So, here's my plan for the week:

Monday:  we had grilled teriyaki salmon, cous cous and lots of veggies from my garden (my 7 year old requested this for his birthday but we were out of town)

Tuesday:  we had quesadillas, strawberries from the garden, carrots & dip

Wednesday:  we had skillet teriyaki meatballs, quinoa and/or rice, blanched green beans and broccoli

Thursday:  chicken lime tacos   

Friday:   chicken stew

Saturday:  yogurt parmesan chicken tenders, baked potato fries, roasted butternut squash

Sunday:  grilled dr. pepper pork tenderloin, rice, garden veggies

That's my plan for the week.  What are you (or have you been) eating this week?  Feel free to share, I love it when you do!

P.S.  You can find all #371 of my weekly menu posts here.  And my recipe tab is still under construction, so head on over to the side bar and hopefully you can find the recipe you need by the label.

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