Week 348 Menu

Happy Monday everyone!

I'm so happy that we've had sunny skies the last few days.  Such a nice break from a few months of gray and rain, fog, mist, etc.  I'm super happy that it's getting light earlier and staying light longer.  

Last week we survived/enjoyed another pinewood derby!  With these three boys we have seven more consecutive years of pinewood derbies to go!  

This week is another full week, like normal, with practices, piano lessons, church activities, etc. after school.  I've been doing better the last few weeks at actually making what I plan and having dinner ready earlier.  If I have dinner ready earlier, then hopefully we can all go to bed earlier, and then I can wake up earlier and go running, which makes me happy.  :)

Menu planning time.  I'm going to try a few new recipes this week to mix things up a bit.   

Monday:  spaghetti

Tuesday:  white chili

Wednesday:  steak and veggie stirfry

Thursday:  my daughter requested meatball sandwiches (so yummy!)

Friday:  I'm going to try this recipe for black bean lasagna

Saturday: easy night

Sunday:  try creamy Italian sausage and potato soup, best french bread ever

What are you making this week?  I love it when you share.  Thank you when you do!  

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