2016 Goals

I've spent the last few weeks thinking of goals for this year.  In the past I've made long lists of goals that I want to achieve and things I want to accomplish.  Sometimes it just seems to be overwhelming because, of course, I'd like to be better at everything I do.  There's always something that I should be reading, or studying, or cleaning or working on, but there's just not enough time in a day to do everything I want.  

I've decided for this year that I just want to have one word goals for different parts of my life.  They apply to lots of different things.  Here goes...
1.  STRENGTHEN my body, my relationships and my faith.
  • Do more than just go running:  Insanity workouts, weights.
  • Eat foods that nourish, not comfort. 
  • Be kinder and be a better listener.
  • Spend less time on social media and more time reading actual books and the scriptures.  

2.  Help my children show RESPECT to each other and our home.  Hopefully this will bring better cleaning habits and less fighting.

  • Break the habit of prepping things last minute.
  • Prep things the night before (lunches, things I need for errands, lists, etc.)
I'd better print this out and put it where I can see it.

I love this quote.  
I need to remember to act each day how I want to be remembered.  Hopefully my kids won't look back at their childhood and remember me as a mom who yelled a lot and constantly nagged about homework, cleaning up and practicing the piano.  

How about you?  Do we have the same goals for this year?  Any tips, suggestions, ideas for me?  

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