Week 335 Menu

Hi there!  Today is one of those wear-your-pjs-to-Target kind of Mondays.  The day started before I was ready for it.  

I learned my lesson from last week, that NOT menu planning is a BAD idea.  I didn't plan my menu and so I didn't grocery shop very well.  I planned meals every day and some were good and some were pretty thrown together.  

This week is going to be busy, like normal, so menu planning is a MUST!

Monday:  Asian chicken salad (I'm grilling this chicken and adding it to the bag of Asian salad mix from costco.  I'll probably cook up some noodles for my non-salad loving kids.)

Tuesday:  honey lime pork enchiladas (using kalua pork from this weekend), quinoa and black bean honey lime enchiladas for me

Wednesday:  chicken noodle soup

Thursday:  broccoli beef

Friday:  pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw

Saturday:  easy night

Sunday:  kids choice...I'm going to let them pick.  But I bet it's going to be orange chicken.  :)

I'm super excited for this weekend.  Sunday is the day that the kids do the program during sacrament meeting at church.  We've been learning songs and working on parts for months.  It's one of my favorite meetings all year.  The kids bring a special spirit and I come away from the meeting feeling very uplifted.  Can't wait!  

Plus this week we have lessons, band concerts, eye appointments, soccer games, etc.  But on Friday we finally get a BREAK and don't have school.  I'm sleeping in until 7!  Ha!  

Have a great week!  Feel free to share your menu (or just comment about how you don't make a menu).  I love hearing from you all!

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