Week 331 Menu

Hi guys!  Last week I followed my menu almost exactly, except we had leftovers on Saturday.  It was so nice to have a plan!

I especially loved that the slowcooker kalua pork that I made on Thursday was enough for four different dinners.  
Sometimes I freeze it, but this time I used it for pulled pork sandwiches topped with coleslaw and we're having it in tacos tonight.  My family loves it as is, just kalua pork.  It's seriously the easiest dinner ever and perfect for picky eaters.  It's plain as it can be, but still really flavorful.  

I posted a few other things on instagram from this weekend, like some yummy Macaroni Grill style rosemary bread that we made yesterday for dinner.  And also about a fun thing I got to do with the kiddos at church yesterday.  

This week is full of the usual things:  school, homework, scouts, sports, etc.  I'm excited to have a plan for dinner time.  I need to do better at making dinner before the kids get home from school.  It makes for happier kids and a happier mom.  

Menu time...

Monday:  pork tacos or salad (using leftover kalua pork from the other day)

Wednesday:  breakfast burritos (no eggs and just a tiny bit of bacon for me.  I like to shred a zucchini and fry it with my hashbrowns.  Super yummy!)

Thursday:  chicken and wild rice soup (I'll probably double the recipe and freeze the extra)

Friday:  chicken tortilla salad with homemade ranch dressing

Saturday:  easy night

Sunday:  grilled marinated steaks, fried new potatoes, veggies (I'll skip the steak to be low-chol and load up on veggies)

What are you planning this week?  Feel free to share if you've got a menu plan. Have a great week!

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