Week 330 Menu

Hi guys!  We're into the third week of school at our house.  It's definitely quieter with my three kids gone during the day.  

I get to hang out with my almost 2.75 year old all day.  Most of the time he's a great little side kick, but sometimes he gives me this attitude in the picture below.  It makes life interesting.

I'm remembering that things are better and more peaceful at home when I have dinner prepped when my kids start coming in the door between 3 and 3:45.  After they get home, then it's homework, practicing, driving, snacking, etc. full force until bedtime.  My goal for this week is to have dinner ready before they walk in the door.

This is also great, because my 6th grader eats lunch at 10:30!!!  Yep, 10:30.  So, she's pretty much starving when she comes home at 3:00.  She'd totally eat dinner then if I had it ready.

So, menu time, here we go...

Monday: chicken fajitas

Tuesday: Swedish meatballs, new potatoes, IKEA gravy, fresh whole wheat bread (baked my daughter)

Thursday: chicken pot pie

Friday: pulled pork sandwiches topped with coleslaw

Saturday: breakfast burritos

Sunday: lasagna, french bread (I'm going to teach my daughter how to make the bread.  It's super easy and delicious!)

You might notice that all of these meals revolve around meat.  I'm am still trying to eat very little meat, cheese, dairy, etc. so I can lower my cholesterol.  Most of the time I don't eat the meat, or just eat a little and load up on veggies.  I usually have a bowl of quinoa in the fridge that I eat instead of rice.  And if our meal is loaded with cheese, etc., I'll just eat lots of veggies and hummus instead.

All righty...now it's your turn.  Feel free to share what you're making this week for dinner.  Do you have any tricks to getting dinner made before the after school craziness starts?

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