Week 329 Menu

Hi there!  Well, we're starting the second week of school at our house.  I guess this is when the fun starts, because 6th grade homework will start, along with soccer practice, instrument practicing, etc.  

Last week was nice and not too stressful since we didn't have our normal amount of after school activities.  I kept busy attempting to clean my house and do something with all the veggies I'd picked from my garden.  One day I made a huge pot of green chile enchilada sauce.  My little buddy helped me foodsaver it into pouches and pop them in the freezer.  The sauce is a little spicy, but it's a great way to use up some of my many anaheim chiles in my garden.

Menu planning is a must this week, so we maybe we might have dinner every night.  Here goes....(I plan out my menus while I type them here on my blog.)

Tuesday: Crockpot taco soup (without meat, cheese and sour cream for me) topped with our favorite Late July multigrain tortilla chips from Costco.  

Wednesday:  PW's lettuce wraps

Thursday: bistro chicken with garlic potatoes (potatoes freshly dug from our garden)

Friday:  homemade pizza

Sunday:  grilled teriyaki salmon, quinoa, garden veggies

All righty...that's what we're having this week.  What about you?  What's on your menu this week?  Feel free to share your menu ideas.  I love it when you do!

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